A Great Beginning

When I was half asleep about a half hour ago, I wasn’t suffering from writers block.  Now I seem to be.  It’s that funny moment when you finally sit down to do something and all of the ideas you had just flee, like ghosts in the night. Oh yeah, I just love it when that happens!

So, the main reason I decided to start this blog is to keep on writing.  Some days will be different from others, of course, but I have a plan about what I’ll post and when I’ll post (really, it’s a day of the week theme).  I’ve decided that one day of the week will be dedicated to movie/tv reviews.  Another to politics.  Another to personal writings of mine (short stories, poems, etc.).  I should probably also dedicate one day a week to writing something in Spanish. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the themed entries up and running.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, I’ll be writing to you again very soon!


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