Why I’m Not Going to Watch “Ender’s Game”

I was pretty surprised when I heard that the novel Ender´s Game had been adapted to movie form.  The more I read about the movie the less inclined I was to see it.

The main reason that I was less inclined to see the movie is because the novel is that awesome.  I really enjoyed reading Ender´s story and it left me with a lot of questions about the future of our world.  I mean, it is a futuristic sci-fi novel, so why wouldn´t it, right?  I found the idea of manufactured babies for the sole purpose of getting back at the Buggers for their attempted invasion of Earth an interesting premise.  The fact that the children are selected at an early age was really impactful – I can´t imagine my own son doing what Ender did in the novel for a multitude of reasons.  Of course, my son also wasn´t engineered, so there´s really no comparison in the first place.

For one, the type of technology present in the novel is not even near to being made.  That said, I would expect that most of the movie has CGI animation.  Although CGI is a great tool, I think it´s used too often in movies these days.  Some think that by putting in a bunch of technologically cool stuff, they can hide the fact that the movie has absolutely no plot and is a boring, ill written piece of garbage.  But boy does that garbage sell!

Aside from this, in making the movie, although I wouldn´t expect a person the age that Ender is when he enters the battle school in the novel to portray him on the big screen, the impact of having such a young child schooled in the art of battle is completely lost due to the actor’s age.  For me, the novel provoked a very strong feeling of disgust, due to the age of the children.  Although, for some, Ender´s seeming inability to cope with being in battle school made him seem sappy, I could understand his feelings of resentment as his childhood was taken from him.  In the movie, he is portrayed by an actor who is somewhat older than Ender is in the books – although Asa Butterfield does look really young, being older still takes away some of the shock that is felt upon reading the novel.

Lastly, I have an imagination.  I completely understand why Tolkien didn´t want his novels adapted into movies – the movie removes the need for imagination from the viewer.   If you´ve watched The Lord of the Rings, I assure you that, henceforth, whenever you decide to read the novels over again, Legolas will be forever imprinted in your imagination as Orlando Bloom with poorly dyed blond hair.  And you´ll always call Elijah Woods “Frodo”.  I just don´t want my perception of the novels to be changed forever by watching the movie.  I don’t want to think of Ender as being older than he really is.    Or think of terrible CGI effects.

So, at the end of the day, why do I refuse to watch the movie?  Simply because I don´t think a movie can do the novel justice.                                                                                   


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