In Your Eyes – Writing 101, Day 9

The old woman sat on the bench, knitting a red sweater. She was given to doing charity work and, due to retirement, now found herself with more time than ever to continue with what she considered to be her contribution to a better world. This particular sweater was special to her – her granddaughter, Claudia, had been wearing a similar red sweater the last time she saw her. Remembrance caused a tear to fall from her frail eyes – she had learned that losing a loved one was never easy, but when they were so young and full of hope it was even more difficult. She took her glasses off for a moment to wipe her eyes and, upon putting them back on, spotted a couple walking up the trail towards her. The old woman had seen the young lady before on many occasions, although this was the first time she’d seen the man. She wondered why he was crying, but the look on his face said enough – heartbreak.

The man, his name is John, was looking at Sandra, his girlfriend. He was an anxious ball of energy. Tears streamed from his eyes.  His thoughts raced from one thing to the next, never staying on one subject for any particular amount of time.  How could this happen?  To him? To her? Why?Whywhywhywhy… It all seemed like too much at once.  He wasn’t sure how he’d break the news to his family or how he’d deal with it.  He looked up momentarily, his red eyes on the old woman sitting on the bend.  How dare she share in this moment he thought, before bowing his head and shuffling on, Sandra’s hand

Sandra seemed to be faring slightly better.  An angelic gleam surrounded her as she held John’s hand.

“I was a bit surprised as well John, but I just found out myself,” she said to him.

“Sandra, I’m just taken by surprise.  We were always so careful.”

“I know, but there’s nothing we can do about it now.”

“Well, yes there is!” he exclaimed.

Sandra knew it would come to this and she already had a speech prepared.  At the last moment, it failed her, so she responded quietly yet firmly.



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