Tale of a Rainy Day – Writing 101, Day Twelve

I peer up from my book at the words that reach my ears.

“Mom, can we go to the pool today?”

My stomach feels pretty bad, so I’m thinking probably not.

“No, honey, I don’t think we’ll be going to the pool today.  It’s still looking somewhat stormy outside.”

My son gets up from the floor, where he has been sitting playing his 3DS and looks out the window.

“I guess you’re right mom.”

He’s sad, so I try to make it better.

“Don’t worry, if next weekend is nice, we’ll go.  Remember that we would also invite a friend?  Who do you want to invite with you?”

“Oh, I dunno… I wish Dylan could come, but he’s with his dad every other week…”

“Yeah…  There isn’t anybody else that you’d like to invite?”

“I dunno… Mom?”

He looks at me with his big, grey eyes.


“I’m bored.  Do you want to play Uno with me?”

“No, I’m sorry.  I don’t feel that well.”

I’m laying on my back.  Keeping the bile from rising, I slowly turn to look at him.

“Mom, why do you always feel bad?  You’re not a lot of fun to be around.”

“Sorry.  I just don’t feel well.”

“Maybe we could play Go Fish?”

I only say yes because I hate feeling like I’m not a fun person.  But, to be quite honest, I’ve grown into quite a grouch.  I also try to keep in the forefront of my mind that my son is getting older every day – there will come a time in the future when playing Go Fish with mom may not be that much fun anymore.

I deal out the cards.  He goes first.

“Do you have an eight?”

“Go fish.”

Our game continues like this for some time.  I really like the cards we’re using – they are a set of night sky playing cards that I got from Amazon.

By the time we’re done, my son has beaten me – he has 7 sets, I only have 6.  Oh well.  My stomach churns as I sit up.  I keep on hoping that I’ll feel better soon when my son reminds me of his necessities.

“Mom, what’s for dinner?”

“Food.”  That’s all I can manage to say as I rush to the bathroom.


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