Freestyle! – Writing 101, Day 19

So, the challenge today is to do a free write without actually stopping, self editing, etc.  Ok. I guess I can do that.  But I have a graduate degree in literature and I really don’t like having something go to the public, or anywhere for that matter, without me editing it at least once (or twice, or thrice).  Or self edit as I go along (which is what I normally do and I’ve heard it’s impractical and a time waster, but what’s a girl to do?)

There’s a quote on today’s challenge regarding perfectionism.  Something along the lines of how perfectionism is the enemy.  Let me tell you about it!  I’m a self prescribed perfectionist, so when I do something that is not up to my standards, I become frustrated (like that last semester in graduate school when I wrote that really terrible paper about Unamuno’s writing methodology regarding the viviparous method as opposed to the oviparous method).  I really dislike anything that I produce being sub-par, but it’s because I have high expectations for myself.  Yes, I’m a perfectionist!

Maybe this is because I’m an INTJ?  I took the official Myer’s Briggs test back in high school and tested as an INTJ, there was a note saying that I should stop being so judgmental.  But how can I not be?  I have an idea of how the world should be.  World, stop not meeting my expectations!  It’s really annoying and makes me depressed and sad.  I mean, it’s the 21st century.  Things are supposed to be better.  But the world has become unenlightened (maybe it’s all that screen time).  I’m pretty sure that the US is reaching a point of un-education and lack of initiative seen only in the Dark Ages.  People aren’t active, they don’t care and seemingly go against all that our forefathers fought for.  We are a society in decline.  I ask for perfection because, for me, there really is no other way.  Things should be better, I should earn enough money to be able to live somewhat comfortably, but I don’t.  I think that nobody should be jobless and that we all have a right to a job.  But that’s not the case.  The government keeps on marketing things to us –  more education will get you a better job, for instance, but then they don’t want to admit that that’s not always the case and refuse to pay the price for those who fall into their network of lies.

I believe in education and that it should serve a purpose, but the job market right now is terrible.  What options do people have?  Stay in school, accruing debt, until it gets better?  Get a low paying job that is barely enough to live on, much less pay bills, etc.?  Neither seems like much of an option to me…



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