The Case of the Missing Legos – Alternate Ending

This is an alternate ending to a serial that I published – you can see part 1part 2 and part 3 here.  I also forgot to mention that I did this, in part, as a challenge to Obscured Dreamer as she had an idea for an alternate ending for her serial Fading Fae – just click the links to read – part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.  I really enjoyed her alternate ending!


I woke up the next morning, ready to start the day out right.  I climbed out of bed and began my morning routine.

After making breakfast and wishing the boys goodbye, I got my cup of coffee and went out on the back porch to have a moment to myself.  While settling myself into my chair, I heard a shuffling in the bushes near the the stairs. I looked over quietly and saw something quite surprising – Rodney’s father attempting to hide his expanding beer belly in the bushes.

He turned around and the Legos were in his hands.

He looked pretty embarrassed to be caught in the act.

“So, you came into my house to steal my son’s Legos?”

“Wel… I um …. well…”

He trailed off, eyes peering down at his shoes, mustering the courage to continue.

“Well, I’ve been out of a job and stuff’s been hard and Rodney really likes Legos and always talks about how Luke has them and he just wanted some and I saw the door open and I just came in and took them.”

He stated this quickly, still looking at his feet and shuffling a bit as he stood there.

I wondered if I should press charges for breaking and entering, but instantly decided not to.  It would serve no purpose except to embarrass the already humbled man further – being unemployed is bad enough.  Rather than this, I decided that something else was in order.

“Mr. Fronker, I must say that I am quite taken aback by your behavior.  Entering someone’s house when they are not around is not appropriate, especially for a man of your age.  In the future, I suggest that, should you see the door open, that you kindly avert your eyes and continue walking, otherwise I may have to put in a call to the police.  Taking into consideration that your actions were those of someone in desperate circumstances I will forgive you, but if it happens again, you are now forewarned of the actions I will take.”

Mr. Fronker looks at me, irritated, aggressive, afraid.

He places the Lego set on the stairs and walks away, only turning around once to glare at me.  I give him my friendliest smile and wave him off.

Once he’s out of sight, I get out my laptop – time to find a more reliable security system!


3 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Legos – Alternate Ending

  1. Most definitely a different take on the ending. I think it’s interesting that you chose to use Mr. Fronker as the thief. I was wondering how his attitude was going to be since his threats from the previous night, and wonder what made him decide to be nice enough to return the legos. Obviously, he was no match for the assertive main female character; very interesting development indeed! 🙂

    • I was trying to get into the head of someone like Mr. Fronker, and realized that he would most likely do something passive-aggressive in the future. I don’t think that for him it was really an action of being nice in returning the Legos, it was humbling having to admit to wrong doing, but my opinion is that he did it so that his son wouldn’t remain under suspicion. I also think that, in part, he realizes that the female character means business and will make sure that the problem is resolved, so returning the Legos privately is a way of avoiding actual police involvement/public humiliation (since he’s unemployed, he’s already been humiliated enough, admitting to entering into someone’s house and stealing Legos would damage his ego even further).

      • Yes, I can see what you mean clearly. An already down on his luck, aggressive male character, trying to save himself from additional humiliation, but probably already planning something in his mind in order to retaliate.
        I truly like this alternate ending. You know I liked the first one, but this one gives more to the imagination of what a character like Mr. Fronker would be like, and do in the future. Twists of that nature stimulate me to thinking; which is one thing I always look for, even in my fiction reading.
        Thank you for this idea and for posting yours as well.

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