Reality TV Show

“On tonight’s special edition of ‘Surprise,Surprise’, contestants will have to wade through a pit of dangerous, poisonous scorpions to retrieve the blue flag in the center of the pit.  To win, the contestant must retrieve the flag and return to the starting area.”

Freddy watched intently, excitedly as the contestants were revealed.  Using his intense powers of perception, he concluded that the rugged brunette Brigette would win.  He was rarely wrong.

“Joanna Somers!  Come on up.”

Joanna, a petite blond, stepped up to the starting area.

“So, Joanna, what’s your strategy?”

The blond trembled and looked around.  “I … I don’t think you can really have a strategy for walking through a pit full of scorpions.  Just do it quickly.”

“Mmhmm…  So what’s your plan?”

Joanna’s face became bright red and she refused to respond.

The announcer started the countdown, “On your mark, get set, go…”

A shrill whistle blew on the last word and Joanna climbed the steps into the pit of scorpions.  The camera followed her, taking shots at different angles to show the scorpions climbing on her arms and pinching her.  She squirmed and started falling into the pit well before she reached the blue flag.  Her body became covered in scorpions.

Suddenly, 3 people in protective suits arrived on the scene with a gurney.  They quickly and deftly opened a side door to the pit and pulled Joanna out, laying her on the gurney and wheeling her out.  One of her exposed legs was black and blue.

“Well, too bad Joanna couldn’t make it.  I guess we’ll have to go on to our next contestant.”

The next few followed a similar fate, jumping in and getting stung and bitten by the scorpions.  Freddy watched with horror and fascination.

Soon, it was Brigette’s turn to go through the harrowing obstacle.  A look of determination adorned her face as she awaiting the signal to begin.

Freddy became more excited than he had been before.  He thought, for a moment, that his breathing pattern matched that of Brigette’s.   He could feel adrenaline rushing through his body as the whistle sounded.

Brigette jumped into the pit.  Freddy felt a pinch on his leg.  And the another and the another.  They hurt.

While Brigette made her way to the flag, Freddy looked down at his leg and noticed bit marks.  Soon enough, nickel sized red spots appeared all over his legs, and they began to turn black and blue.

He looked at the TV, unable to take his eyes away from it, as Brigette reached the blue flag, her skin unmarred.  The announcer looked on in surprise as well.

“Remarkably, Brigette has not even been scratched by the scorpions.  What is this miraculous happening?  How has she been able to do this?  Look at her stride back to the starting area without a scratch on her.”

The announcer practically threw the microphone in her face as she descended the stairs, “How does it feel to get out of there completely unscathed?”

“It feels great.  I don’t know how it was done, but I would like to say thanks to Freddy, for his unwavering support.”

Freddy’s glazed, dead eyes stared at the screen.


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